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    classroom library
    By Lisa

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    I have my bookshelves color coded by season. I cover the bottom of the shelf with colored construction paper that is covered with contact paper. I label the books with a color circle sticker on the binder and tape over it so that it will stay.

    My green shelf is for books I use at the very beginning of the year. Orange is Fall stuff. Red has winter books, green has spring/summer stuff.

    The stickers allow my students to return the book to the correct spot where I can hopefully find it when I need it.

    I have a large tag board by reading station with library card envelopes glued to it. One for each student labeled with their names. Each classroom library book has a library pocket on the back inside cover with an index card with the name of the book, author and color code written on it.

    When a child selects a book they remove the card from the book and place it in their name pocket. They are allowed to check out a book every day as long as they have returned the book they have out.

    I assist with checkout and check in time for a week or two but they get the hang of it quickly.

    By the way I also send home a parent/child form at the beginning of the school year explaining how it works and they both must sign a contract wherein they promise to be careful and responsible with the books and understand that lost books must be paid for. I usually let one lost book slide but the second I request a fee. This has happened once in the four years I have been doing this. Overall it works very well.

    Parents can also be used to do the cards and pockets. It is time consuming.

    Have fun!


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