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    history review
    By Carolyn

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    I teach fifth grade history, but I think your kids will also enjoy the games we played.

    We played "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire." Each row can be a group (instead of the individuals who usually play the game). You can have "phone a friend," which means you can ask any one person in your group to help you. You can also use the 50-50. Then you can ask the "audience," which means that everybody in the row can help you answer the question. Unlike Regis, though, I like to keep the game moving. I do give the kids a time limit of 30 seconds after I ask the question. Score the same way they do on the show.

    You can also play "Jeopardy." The kids make up statements. You write them on sticky notes along with dollar amounts written on the side which faces the students. The students pick a category, just like on the real game. You could have categories like "World War I" and "World War II." You score just like the real game. When I play it, I allow my kids to confer with each other in their row. The team with the most points, of course, wins the game.

    Both games work well with kids. I have tried both, and the kids seem to like to participate in both.

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