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    getting out of a contract
    By Jodie

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    I think you will need to find out how your district handles breaking a contract. Ask somebody you believe is reliable and can handle you question in confidence. You don't want, after all, to upset people by acting like you want to leave when you have a contract.

    In some districts, you can break a contract with a thirty-day notice. Some might actually expect you to fulfill your contract, but others might charge you for leaving and breaking your contract. If leaving is what you really want, then I think you won't mind paying to get out of what you have and into something more ideally suited for you.

    There are districts with hopefuls galore. In that case, it's probably no problem breaking a contract. They'll just slide somebody else into your place.

    I am sort of in your position right now. I have a contract with my present school district, but I have already been told that my job at my present school won't be available next year. I am going to be "placed" somewhere. Where, I don't know. I don't like the idea of not knowing, so it's possible that even with a contract I may have to skip out.

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