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    By Julianne

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    Year round schools typically run from July to July. In our area they let out just before the 4th of July and resume on the NEW school year at the end of July. So, the official beginning of a new school year would be something like July 28th. State testing occurs in year round schools at about the same time as in traditional schools. Schools are generally given a block of three or four weeks in which to complete state testing. The track just ending does their testing at the beginning of this block, the track coming on does theirs at the end of the block.

    Like you mentioned, most schools in our area are on year round schedules to ease overcrowding. A school that will hold 400 students on a traditional schedule will accommodate 500 as a year round school. But there are other reasons for going year round. There is some research that shows benefits to students in terms of learning retention and steady growth over time. What research I have seen is not overwhelming, but I've seen a few schools that chose what is called a single track year round schedule. The difference is that the whole school takes small, regular breaks throughout the year rather than one long break in the summer.

    Hope these answers helped you. It's never silly to ask if you don't know!

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