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    The Catalina Matalina Song
    By Gina

    Clip to ScrapBook
    She had a neck like a telephone pole
    Right in the middle was a big, black mole.

    She had to teeth in the side of her mouth
    One pointed east and the other pointed south.

    She had 2 hairs on the top of her head
    One was sick and the other was dead.

    She had 2 feet like a bathroom mat.
    Heaven only knows how they got like that.

    She had two eyes in the back of her head
    One was green and the other was red.

    She had 2 hairs on the side of her chin
    One pointed out and the other pointed in.

    She had a nose on the front of her face
    It was spread all over the place.

    (slowly) A big, black truck his Catalina Matalina...............pause.........
    (fast) Poor old man had to get a new truck!!!

    Catalina, Matalina Whooping Stomping Wonking Bonking Hocus Pocus Locus was her name, OH!

    Funny how we all remember things in our own way! LOL

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