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    Providing for Family
    By d

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    Let's look at two working parents. The first has a university education with two degrees. The second completed half of a course at a technical school. One makes $51000 annually, the other makes $16000 annually. The first has a health plan, the second does not. The first has a pension plan, the second does not (one parent is diabetic and there are atrocious health care costs). The first works within minutes of home, the second commutes for an hour each day. The first has opportunities for promotion and yearly increases in wages, the second works for minimally increased wages - promotions are unlikely.

    Which parent should be working and which should stay home with the children - if this is an option? Is your answer the parent who makes the larger salary, has a health plan and a pension?

    The first parent is the mother. The second is the father.

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