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    Wow what a hot topic!
    By Christy

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    I can't imagine not being able to vent! I think I would explode. For instance just today I had a student absolutly lose it and begin scratching me and then when I had to restrain him he actually peed on me!!!! Come on...we have to vent.

    However I do think there is a time and place and also certian people. I will usually only vent about something like this to another sped teacher because other teachers come down on my sped kids too hard as it is and I don't want to give them any ammo. It is kind of like with your own kids, you can complain about them but no one else is allowed to say anything bad about them!

    All in all teachers ARE real people- we complain, sometimes swear, somethimes drink, sometimes smoke, sometimes eat junk food, have fights with our spouses, yell at our kids, tell dirty jokes etc... (hopefully we aren't doing all those things at school) our job is stressfull enough without the pressure to be a perfect person as well as being a perfect teacher.

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