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    By Lisa

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    Teachers are human. They feel, cry and get worn out. Once in a while they have a drink that is not coffee in a teacher mug.

    When you deal with students and parents on a daily basis and take in the grief that teachers take you need to vent or you will explode. That does make you a bad teacher. Actually, to vent in the teacher's lounge surrounded with professionals that you trust and can relate to your situation is a release. Then you can go back into the classroom with a smile on your face or call that parent that has been wreaking havoc in the town with stories of you without screaming.

    Why is is so bad to hear a teacher tell a suggestive joke, swear, or drink?

    By the way who told you to avoid the teacher's lounge? I believe that becoming a member of the staff is important and is looked at when schools decide to hire or keep new teachers. It is not good to isolate yourself from your peers.

    When they vent, you might learn something about a family or situation that will be helpful to you when you teach a child from that family. It is good to be prepared if a family often threatens lawsuits, swears if you call them at home or never remembers to attend conferences.

    You seem very naive and I guess I was that way as well when I first began teaching. You will grow as you teach and learn that your peers can be a resource for you.

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