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    I am glad this has gotten blow way out of proportion!
    By Bev

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    The reason I made this post was not to say that teachers should not vent. Heck, I tell my fiance all my frustrations when he gets home from work. I talk to my mom about it, or my professors at school. I think it is GREAT to vent. What my purpose was, was to find out why teachers feel the need to do these things infront of one another.

    Mrs. B... you seem to be enjoying this board as much as I do By perverse I mean that they talk about privates, sex, there are nasty pictures and crude jokes all over the walls in the teachers bathroom. Just today my teacher jokingly called the rest of of b******. I just don't understand the whole purpose of acting this way.

    The reason I said that two people agreed with me was because only 2 people said, "I think that Bev is right..." Or "there is no room for cussing..." Most others said that teachers are human...which I agree with. WE all make mistakes and say things we shouldn't.

    Also, the reason I said that "I have vented on this board and not once did I find it necessary to cuss or talk about perverted things," was to show you and everyone else that it is not necessary to cuss when venting. My teachers think though that every word has to be. It's like they can't say it when they are teaching so they bag up all the words they could have said during their teaching and spew them in the TL.

    I am positive I will drink and party when I teach. I am sure I will cuss everyone once in a while. I am sure I will crack jokes about a co-worker behind there back. But I would never let that behavior consume every moment I am away from the kids during the day. I am in a middle school, not in an elementary. SO maybe it makes a difference.

    I came here not to be criticized for my beliefs. Mrs. B, though you say nice things at the end of your post, it seems the rest of it is just stabbing at me. I am new at this and might not have the experience a lot of you have. But what I do know and believe is that teachers should set an example ANY WhERE, ANY TIME. Mrs. B, you said, "As wonderful and idealistic as your goals sound..." NO! Those are my morals and values that I have in my life. Not some crazy idea I have about how I will conduct myself. Maybe others on here do not hold those values and morals (hopefully some do ) I was raised to know that "Character starts with the words that come out of your mouth." Be it gossip, cussing, perverted things, etc. Maybe this school is an exception. ANd I swear to you it is as bad as I say!

    Any replys to this one...Let's see how long we can keep this going

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