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    By Yolunda

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    I too am a first year teacher on a non-renewable permit. Here is the catch with me though. The university that I attended, Texas Woman's University-Denton, requires us to take a pre-qualifying exam that you must make an 80 or above on to receive the barcode for the real EXCET. The prequalifying exam is said to be tougher than the real one. Now, they only offer the test (prequalifying) once a month on a Saturday! They chose not to offer one during the month of March because of spring break! They began to charge for the test in January 02! ($10-pre registered, $20 on-site) My scores are as follows 70, 74, 76! I just found out about the non-renewable status of my permit when I alerted the THECB (TX higher educ. coordinating board) about the universities tactics! Now, here is the kisser...I finally was able to have my deficiency plan altered to follow the new state guidelines (that one year of teaching on an emer. permit vs. two years is o.k. now)implemented last year. Now, my "completer status" (all requirements met via the univ.) is not met until the end of this teaching year (May 31) THERE IS ONLY ONE EXCET EXAM LEFT TO TAKE BEFORE THE NEXT SCHOOL YEAR!!!!! If I don't pass all three exams (, bil.comp, and TOPT (oral prof.) I don't have a job....!!!!!!! Now what do you think about that? I'd love some of your opinions

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