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    By vl

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    I play a verb and noun game with my second graders that is very simple, but they love it and it gets the point across. you only need two brown lunch bags and some index cards. I mark one bag nouns which contains one card for each student. They are the "person" noun. The second bag is marked verbs. The first time I put in several cards with an action verb on each card.
    One student (noun) comes up and pulls out a verb and does something for the rest of the class to guess what the verb is without talking. Students who think they know the answer raise their hands and the student up front chooses whom to call on until someone gets it. Then the student pulls out another noun (another card with a student's name on it). The next student then does the same thing.
    We had one session where the whole class brainstormed a lot of action verbs, we came up with a lot of good ones. I hope this helps.

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