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    Third Grade
    By Kathy

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    I was in your siatuation several years ago. I had taught first grade for nine years and was moving to third. The only difference was that I was glad for the change. I was getting a little tired of starting back at the beginning every year!

    I loved my nine years teaching third grade--in my opinion it's a perfect grade. I cherish the extra independence and also the chance to explore content areas more in depth and not have to spend so much time concentrating on the basics of reading and writing.

    Some things I missed:

    #1 The adoration of first graders for teacher
    Third graders still love their teacher, but they're a little more sophisticated about it.

    #2 Getting the chance to teach them to read
    Nothing like that!!!

    #3 All the "cute" sayings--it was just so much fun to work with that age group.

    I didn't miss:

    #1 Having to tie shoes and "mother"

    #2 Trying to get children who weren't ready for school to sit still for thirty seconds

    #3 The tattling

    I think you'll love third. Feel free to e-mail me if you have specific questions since I've "been there" with the 1st-3rd change. I'll be busy (maybe frantic is the more appropriate word!) during April so I probably won't answer e-mails sent before May!!

    Good luck!!

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