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    Lunch Break and Barron's
    By Amanda K

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    You didn't get a lunch break for your MSAT? That was the fault of your test coordinator, not Barron's... I had a nice sized lunch break between the multiple choice section and the essay section when I took my test two years ago. I'm sorry you missed out... I can't imagine not having a lunch during that test! Kudos to you!

    BTW, I only used Barron's to study, not knowing much about several subject areas on the test, and I passed on my first try. I also felt that Barron's accurately depicted the rigor of the test questions.

    These test preps are strange... you either swear by a program, or you swear at it, there's no middle ground. I think it entirely depends on the person and their own preferences. Someone else in this strand mentioned Cliff's as being a good program. I personally can't stand Cliff's... I briefly tried it for the MSAT and the GRE and never felt confident using it. Go figure.

    I guess the moral is, you have to find the program that works best for you, not someone else.

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