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    By pjm

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    I'm doing this now too
    each of my children are making their own terrarium with a 2 leter plastic pop bottle by cutting the bottle just above the bottom black liner that goes up about 2 to 3 inches from the bottom of the bottle. Fill that bottom with dirt, plant a couple of seeds - we're using flowers- water - and slip that top back down onto the bottom. leave the cap on and set in a sunny area in your can watch it "rain" and chart the plants growth. My kids are very excited. I thought that when the flowers got taller they could take the top off and give them to mom for a mother's day present! We planted sunflower seeds because they're big. I gave each child 3 incase one or two of the seeds rot.
    We also took paper towel got it moist not soaking wet, placed a seed into or onto the paper towel. Put it all in a zip lock baggie and taped it to the windows, this way the kids can actually see the seed form a root. You can put their names on the baggie with a permanent marker. Don't get the paper towells get too wet or the seeds rot and get moldy; Yuck! I put lima beans in the baggies because they're such big seeds
    happy planting!

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