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    fun stuff for the end
    By Carolyn

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    My kids get tired when we do a lot of structured activities: instruction, traditional pencil/paper seatwork activities, etc. On the other hand, sometimes they get out of hand when you try to do "fun" stuff. I think that the compromise is to do a bit of both. You and the kids can go crazy doing too much of either.

    As for lazy, I think we are all experiencing this at this time of year. It seems that as soon as spring break comes and goes, kids are into misbehavior and laziness. It's harder to get work out of them that you could get out of them before. Book reports, essays, homework, and even tests are carelessly completed.

    One think that I do to keep my kids on their toes is do the same things, but in a different way. Once we get into a rut, then we start to see motivation slacken. Keep the kids guessing a little bit. Change the way you do things. Think of a way to evaluate what they have learned in a different way. As an example: My kids got tired of doing journal entries, so I had them write poetry for a few weeks instead. I found out that they loved doing that. They were then happy to return to journal after a period of time.

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