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    Multicultural Faire
    By Sandy Johnson

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    Hi, Rebecca-
    This may be too late to help you out, but I just read your message this evening and since we are in the midst of gearing up for our 4th Annual Multicultural Faire, I thought I'd respond anyway. We treat this as an afterschool event, open to family, friends, and community. We integrate what each class has been covering in their social studies units. Every class has 2 booths: 1 for food dishes that are representative of their chosen country (most families sign up to prepare a dish or two), and a booth for displaying artifacts, souvenirs, information about their country, and any crafts and/or art projects from the students. We start setting up in the morning and we dismiss the students at lunchtime. We use part of the morning decorating our booths with banners, menus and display items and finish up when the kids go home. Then everyone comes back at 3:00 p.m. Most classes wear native costumes (made by teachers and parents) and we encourage any who want to, to wear something from another land. Parents and friends who are at work drop by when they get off. We arrange bales of straw, benches, tables, and chairs for sitting, watching, and EATING! While everyone wanders around checking out the cultural displays and food, each class performs a song and/or dance from their chosen part of the world. We usually have guest performers, too: Old Time Fiddlers, and Irish Dancers. We sell tickets (25 cents each) for the food and the food prices vary depending on what you are buying, some items priced at a quarter, some at 50 cents. Everybody has a great time and we usually run out of food around 6 or 6:30 and start to disassemble everything. Everyone has a great time, but it is a lot of work, so we have ours on Friday. That way we have the weekend to recouperate! Hope you received lots of helpful responses and that you have a great multicultural event!

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