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    By Kelly

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    I stuck to it for 2 school years. I started out feeling the same way you did overwhelmed and confused. I literally looked at my watch constantly and would rush through things to be finished on schedule. After awhile I decided that it was not something I was willing to do anymore. I took the basic formula and modified it drastically. I started skipping entire parts and even started skipping days in the schedule. (I also taught Wings). The sad part is that it had no change in program results, I was still promoting the same number of students as was the school average (sometimes higher). The school adopted it after they received a state audit due to low test scores, it was chosen before I started. The school is still using it and when I talk to teachers that I worked with there, they hate it more each year.

    I know I sound really negative and normally I go with the flow, but this program was such a bad experience that I just wanted to respond to this post.

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