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    By Kelly

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    You poor thing. I left a school I LOVED because I hated the program that much. It is soooo scripted I didn't even feel like a real teacher...and you know the fun stuff about reading that makes your kids look forward to it each day well that is now 1 15 minute period per week. The rest of the week is totally scripted. 20 minutes read aloud and do skill. 15 minutes partner read 10 minutes discuss question 3. I kid you not it is that scripted. We had a building facilitator that would come in to collect our read and respond logs and he would check his watch to make sure we were in the right spot at the right time and he was easy compared to the SFA audits. At our school students had the ability to test up every eight weeks so every eight weeks you switch groups of kids which means you never gain a really good rapport with them and it also means you play a unique type of russian roulette with what type of group you were going to get. It did raise our reading test scores BUT I think any program that you commit to school wide and dedicate 1 1/2 hours to each day would raise test scores, but that is just my opinion. The only positive thing I can say about SFA is that I don't have to teach it anymore.

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