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    Lighthouse Ideas...
    By Krissy

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    THEME SETTER: Make a large paper lighthouse for your wall, or even one of plywood if you or someone you know is handy with tools. Put the words "Lighting the way for success in ___ grade." In the light shining out from the top.

    JOB CHART: Put job names on small lighthouses on a blue paper background, put student names on ships and "sail" them to different jobs each week or month. "Sailing to Success Helping Out"

    READING CORNER: A small wooden rowboat would be great. Or use a blue rug (like the sea) and make paper wood posts with rope tying them together along the wall for a nautical feel. Call it the "Reading Dock" Of course, pictures/posters or small statues of a lighthouse would be great here.

    STUDENT OF THE WEEK: Call them the "Lighthouse Learner!" Say they they are guiding their ship in the right direction!

    INCENTIVE PROGRAM: Make a lighthouse either for the class or one for each student, add small yellow stars or dots to the top (like the light beaming out) Set a goal for students to have a certain number "rays of light" coming out.

    COMPUTER DESKTOP, MOUSEPADS, SCREEN SAVERS: Why not use lighthouse themes for this as well. I have seen lighthouse mousepads and backgrounds for the computer.

    LIGHTHOUSE TREAT JAR: Use a lighthouse cookie jar to hold classroom rewards/coupons/treats for special occassions. Give students a small coupons lighthouse pictures on them that says "Congratulations on following the light to success!" This is their "ticket to draw from the jar."

    LIGHTHOUSE NAMETAGS: Get clip-art of a light house and type students names on them, print out on cardstock paper and laminate. These great nametags will last all year and are less expensive than teacher store tags.

    WALLPAPER BORDER: An inexpensive wallpaper border taped along the chalkboard or around the door would add some flare to your theme.

    LIGHTHOUSE ACCESSORIES: Add lighthouse magnets to your chalkboards, a colorful lighthouse rug in front of your desk. (Check out online auction sites for cheap lighthouse accessories to add to your classroom)

    RULES: Put rules on beams of light coming out the top of the light house. Put the message "Showing the way to a great year!" on the lighthouse.

    STUFFED LIGHTHOUSE: Maybe you could find a stuffed type of lighthouse or make one using a fabric print of a lighthouse and stuffing it. Have all the students sign the back. Send this lighthouse all over the country and have it sent back with postcards and information about where it has travelled. You could give it a name to tie in with your school or town, like "Landry Lighthouse" (for example) and students could enjoy watching it's journey.

    LIGHTHOUSE FABRIC: I have seen great lighthouse fabric at Wal-Mart fairly inexpensive, maybe you could make some curtains or use it as a bulletin board background.

    FANTASTIC WORK BULLETIN BOARD: "Work that SHINES!" for a title

    HOLIDAY ORNAMENTS: I have also seen inexpensive lighthouse ornaments at the dollar store. Use a permanent marker to decorate and allow each student to take one home after decorating the classroom tree with one.

    LIGHTHOUSE PUZZLES: A great center activity for free time.

    DOOR DECORATION: Cover the door with an enormous lighthouse and put student names on beams of light shining out from the top. Put the message "Look whose shining in Mrs./Ms./Mr. ______'s room!"

    I hope these make sense, I have rambled quite a bit.

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