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    judging science fairs
    By Julianne

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    Criteria for science fairs varies, but usually you'll be looking primarily for evidence that the student used the scientific method of inquiry to create their project. In other words, just making a solar car from a science kit or reporting on volcanoes isn't a science fair project (or shouldn't be). So, be sure to look for:

    - An identified theory or hypothesis that the student will test.
    - An experiment that is designed to test the hypothesis.
    - An expected outcome. What does the student THINK will happen based on his/her prior research and information?
    - A list of variables and how the student compensated for them. (Example: A student studying the effects of light on plant growth would have to ensure that all his plants received the same amount of water.)
    - Results from the experiment shown in some usable fashion such as a graph or chart.
    - Evidence of the experiment being repeated or of results being kept OVER TIME.
    - A conclusion based on the evidence from the experiment. (The conclusion does not have to match the expected outcome in order for the experiment to be successful.)

    Hope this helps and that it's in time for you.

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