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    By Sabrina

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    I play a game with my students called "sticks and stones". They each have a game mat which is a sheet of paper divided into three columns. The columns are listed (ones, tens and hundreds). They play in groups of twos. Each group has a spinner, a good supply of unifix cubes or snap together cubes and their mat. One child spins the spinner and puts that many cubes in his ones column. On his next spin, if he has enough (10 cubes) to make a stick he will snap them together and put them in the tens column with the others left over in the ones column. The winner is the child with the largest number at the end. This has really helped my students understand the concept of regrouping to make a ten.

    I also use the daily straw count with my calendar. This is where you add a straw in the ones cup for each day and when you get ten straws you make a bundle of ten and that bundle goes in to the tens cup.

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