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    gingerbread display
    By Jana

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    I'll share a gingerbread activity that would make a great bulletin board ( found on the web.) After reading several versions of The GIngerbread Boy (which is a great unit to teach in Dec/Jan,) tell the kids we will pretend the GB has been set loose in an alphabet full of food. First you create a list of corresponding alphabet foods-- for example, A-apples, B-Bread, C-Cookies, etc. Use a cut out shape of the GB boy running with a sentence starter on his tummy which reads, 'The Gingerbread Boy ran with _________'the kids finish the sentence. Then, in one hand they create the food and glue on, in the other hand they make the letter in upper/lower case and glue on. They can also add details, faces, clothes, etc. You can create a neat landscape in back, then put the GB's in ABC order running along. We put a copy of this poem with our display: 'Running through the alphabet, eating all he can, you can't catch him he's the Gingerbread Man!'

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