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    creating a syllabus
    By Donna

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    Wow! I can't believe that other schools don't have to do a syllabus. We have been doing them the 18 years I have been teaching. We call them long range plans. This is our format.
    Grade_____ Teacher Name_______________
    I.Description of students being taught.
    This description is #boys,#girls,White/black ratio,I always look at tests scores and put reading level fron STAR test ,etc ,Free/Reduced count,etc.

    II.Learning and Development Goals:

    By the end of the year , my Reading students will:
    By the end of the year, my Math students will:

    Just tell what you want them to accomplish. Do that for each subject that you are going to teach them.
    III.Units of Instruction

    1st Nine Weeks-Under this list what you are going to be covering in each subject.
    2nd nine weeks-
    3rd nine weeks
    4th nine weeks
    The easiest way to do this is to look at your textbook and your standards and go from there. If this is your first year of teaching you might want to use your textbook as a guide.
    Go through this for each subject that you will be teaching. We go by 9 week periods.

    IV. Instructional Materials and Resources

    The following materials and resources will be needed to meet the goals for my classes for the current school year:
    List all materials, books, speakers ,science equipment, novel units, incentives, etc. You are not going to be able to list all ,but majority of the things you will use.

    V.Major Assessments
    Types of Assessments list the kinds of tests you expect to administer to your students in each subject that you teach.

    Grading Procedures:
    Reading -list the % that you will count each assessment.etc. Do this for each subject that you teach.

    VI. Student Records
    _____Grade Book
    _____Student Folders
    _____Other Reports

    VI. Presentation of Rules and Procedures
    List your classroom rules in this section

    Consequences(List what happens when they break those rules)

    VII.Communicating With Parents

    List below any type of parent communication

    notes home, postcards, newsletters, Friday folders.etc.

    Hope this helps a little! Pardon my typing.E-mail me if I can help.


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