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    By Kristen

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    I went to China about 5 years ago and it is a VERY different culture. One thing children enjoy is the Chinese New Year. You may want to do your study around that time. Find out what the animal of the new year will be. Also, what kind of decorations they use. Making Red Lanterns was fun for my class. Finding someone who could come in and show the class Calligraphy and then have them learn how to write their own name in calligraphy!
    There is so much to do in a theme like this! Use the Net! Learning to speak Chinese will be quite difficult for the children. But learning how to say simple words like hi "Nihao" would be fun. Children need to understand that the Chinese have characters NOT letters.
    We in the Us have a quite difugured look at how the Chinese really live in China. Our restuarants do not convey REAL Chinese food. For instance, I rarely found sweet and Sour chicken over there! Also, Fortune cookies are not a Chinese food either. China is well overpopulated and crowded wherever you go. Tons of people on bicycles and lots of buses and cars in the cities. WEll, I could go on, but I do suggest you do a deep study before teaching it. There is much not conveyed here in the US about China.
    I hope this helps!

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