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    By kimberly

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    You're probably going to want lots of storage and as mentioned earlier cupboards with doors would be helpful. However, cupboards and bookshelves take up valuable wall space. I have block walls and have never been able to get anything to stay up. I have tried everything. So if you have block walls make sure you get bulletin boards.
    Also, majorly important, If electrical lines aren't in the wall make sure that the clock, thermostat, and light switches are relatively close to each other and not every 3 feet coming down from the ceiling. Another very important factor - do not let them put the fire alarm next to the door. At my school the alarms are right where one would expect to find a light switch. We have at least 10 false alarms the 1st week of school because the students reach to turn on/off a light. I don't know how many times I have come close to setting it off.
    Ask a lot of questions and be specific. Good luck in getting the room of your dreams.

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