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    Bee Theme
    By Krissy

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    I'm thinking of using a Bumblebee theme for my fourth graders. Here are the ideas that I have been brainstorming:

    Information Board with the headline "What's Buzzing in ___ grade?"

    A grapevine wreath with wooden bees glued on it and the message "Bee Your Best!"

    A large attendance hive with a small velrco square for each student to attach their own bee to when they arrive in the morning.

    A Jobs Bulletin Board: "Worker Bees" with individual beehives labelled with jobs and the students names on bees

    A classroom newsletter "News from the Hive"

    A sheet to record homework for absent students that says "While you've BEEn gone..." with clip-art bees

    A puzzling morning question called the "Bee Stinger"

    A showcase for students' best work "Bee-utiful Work!"

    Display quotes around the room replacing the word "be" with "BEE" and adding some appropriate bee clip-art.

    Reward coupons called "Bumblebee Bucks"

    Student of the Week called "Queen Bee or King Bee"

    Add a bumble photograph to your computer desktop.

    Make bee or beehive nametags for student desks.

    Decorate the outside of the classroom door like a large hive with a big banner... 4th grade "A hive of activity!"

    Make a large honeycomb area to set a class goal for books read. Gradually fill in honeycombs as students read books.

    I also plan to hand-out bumblebee shaped cookies at open-house or on the first day with the message, "I'm so glad you are going to BEE in my class"

    I'm also developing a bee-themed (large clip-art bee and questions in various sections )interest inventory for the first day. If you'd like a copy, I'd be happy to e-mail it to you.

    Besides making bees my classroom theme, I'm also planning to develop a thematic unit. I'm hoping to study bees with my students and learn more about them. I'm going to try to get a bee-keeper to come and talk to the kids some time this year.

    This is just a start, but I am still working on it.

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