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    I agree!
    By Karla

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    I agree that you do have to follow through. I use a color coded stick chart where yellow sticks mean a warning, blue means a skill enforcement (where the student fills out what happened and completes some consequence), green means a note home signed by parent, and red is sent to office. There was a school-wide discipine program (Discipline with Purpose) used in my school, so going to the office meant that they met with the school counselor and principal on the "next level" I never had anyone lose a red stick, but I can't count the number of times I would say to a student "Settle down or I'll take your yellow stick", or something like that. Why on earth didn't I just take it?? I guess because I wanted to be liked so much that I didn't want to make a student mad. This next year, I know to be firmer. I've heard many times to start strict because you can always lighten up later, but if you don't start out sticking with what you say, it's hard to ever get control. I was fortunate not to have any severe discipine problems. I do wish that I had been more firm in following through. A lesson learned my first year!

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