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    Jr High
    By Trish

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    You are so in luck.. We just had a new board created just for middle school/jr high.
    If you go to the busy board to the posting for new board.. I think it says Calling all Middle school teachers.. the link is there to get to it. If it is used often enough, the board will be linked up like the others..

    Ok.. this is what I am doing..
    i also am teaching Jr High science..
    before handing out all the text books and the like, I am going to hand each student a piece of a pre-cut puzzle, that I made out of card stock.. I am going to instruct each of them to put their name on it, and decorate it as the like.. while they work on this, I am going to issue books..
    once they are all finished, they will have to put the puzzle together.. I will use it as a bulletin board (for each class.. I have 5) that will be posted all year. The title will be "We fit together". If a student moves, their piece will be removed, leaving a hole in the puzzle. If a new student comes, they will get their own piece to design.

    I also am going to have a questionaire for each to fill out so that I will be able to know some background on them..

    hmm.. what else.. I have my first week pretty much planned with little activities before we get down to 'work'.

    Oh.. I have a follow directions sheet.. It has about 15 sentences of directions, when they get to the last one, it instructs them to only complete #2 and 13. Then for them to turn their paper in.. It is all going to be the basis of a discussion on how important following directions in a lab is.

    You can go to
    this is a site for student teachers/first yr teachers.. There are quite a lot of sites and ideas for this.. Probably where I got the above ones..

    Hope these helped! Remember to go to the Middle school/Jr High Board!

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