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    By GC

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    Not being American I had never come across the term paddling until I started visiting this site. Paddling seems such a soft pleasant word for what is really beating a child. We don't have the choice any more, although I have been teaching long enough to remember when we did have it. I see so much violence of child against child, that I feel if I were to join in I would not be able to teach them anything about trying to solve their differences without thumping each other. I'm surprised there is anywhere in any state that still allows this. What about human rights? If we laid a finger on anyone, we would have the European Commission for human rights on us for sure. How on Earth do you get away with it? Are teachers never taken to court by parents? If they haven't been yet, I'm sure it is only a matter of time, so if I were you I would stay well clear.

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