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    By Abby

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    I totally agree with Rhoda from above. This year I had a very CHALLENGING child who did nothing wrong in his mothers eyes. I tried sooo hard to work with this parent. I sent a weekly reflection home for each child but his particular parent wanted a daily note...okay, she got a daily note. I did inform her daily about what was going on with his behavior ( I included any positives I could find). Well, after a week of his daily behavior, she said "Stop the notes I dont want to know all of the bad behaviors my son is involved with." Fine, no daily notes. Long story short, by February this mother accused me of making her son do "bad things" and we took it up with administration. She lied and said a lot of things that were not true, but I had saved EVERY note she wrote me and EVERY note that went home. I also kept a record of EVERY phone call I had with this woman. ALl of this really hepled when we had a meeting and the accusations continued. MY POINT...when you have a child like this, save notes and document everything. It may sound like one more task that you don't need, but Im so glad I did because it really supported me when it came down to it. I have also come across some "notes home" sheets that are 2 paged (carbon copy) and sold at the teacher stores. This was helpful because I would put the 2nd copy in the childs file and send the top copy home to be signed by a parent. I only used these notes for the kids that had 2 or more notes sent home. Good Luck!

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