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    5th grade icebreaker activities
    By Kelly

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    I just finished up my first year teaching 5th grade and I did a couple of different activities at the beginning of the year to demonstrate that even though we are all unique individuals we are all an important part of the class. First I made a large number 5 out of white tag board and I cut out enough pieces of the board so that each student had a piece of the 5, creating a puzzle (remember to number the pieces before you cut them out to put them together in the end). Then I had each student decorate their piece however they wanted, making sure they didn't color on the numbered side. Once they were all decorated we put the 5 back together again and laminated it and placed it on our classroom door to welcome visitors to our 5th grade class. The students had a blast trying to figure out who decorated each piece.

    Another activity I did was I had students choose 5 points about themselves that they wanted to share with the rest of the class (because stars have 5 points) and they filled out a sheet without their names.I created a 5th grade Allstars bulletin board with the sheets. Students had to figure out who was sharing the info and make a guess at who the allstar was. Once a star was figured out the students picture was placed by the 5 points and they introduced themselves. This was a lot of fun and the class enjoyed sharing info about themselves.

    I also took the time at the beginning of the year to set up routines and expectations for the class. We went over rules and consequences and the class had some ideas of their own on what should happen in the class so I tried to incorporate their ideas into the learning environment of the classroom. Of course you always use caution there but make sure you let them feel like it is their classroom too.

    5th grade is a lot of fun!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Goodluck.

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