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    Positive Discipline
    By Vanessa Crawford

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    My school uses positive Discipline. It was developed by an American by the name of Fred Jones and it is pretty complex yet based on a simple philosophy (ie positive- being rewarded for good behavior rather than being punished for bad). I teach grade one but it can be used for any grade. It uses PAT (preferred activity time). PAT is an activity (it could be a math gam if it is done during math, or a spelling game if done during spelling, or it could be structured centers throughout the room, however, be careful as you don't wan't to confuse it with free time or it won't work.) Have the centers structured so that the children are placed in them by you, otherwise they will choose the same center all the time and play with the same people all the time. It can be a whole group activity or divided). It works like this. At the beginning of each day, my children start out with 10 PAT minutes. If all the children are in the class and seated when the bell goes they will gain another minute. However, if they are not they will loose 30 seconds or whatever you decide. Make sure that they build minutes up quickly after they lose thgem, however, as you do not want this to become punitive. Decide on what will work for your children (i.e. having pencils ready, having lunch kits put away in two minutes after snack is over etc... make it clear how they can earn time). You will have children zipping around the classroom in no time. Use it for tattling, bugging others, you lose time. Whatever your class needs help with. i use mine a lot for responsibility. The children must ahve their ziploc bags in class each morning. If they are not, that individual will lose all PAT time. they begin to pack their own bags at home in the morning because they do not want to miss PAT time. I only has one little guy forget his bag and finally I called his mum and spoke with her and it was okay. Make PAT fun and something they like to do. I have one PAT time just before lunch and one near the end of the day. Fred Jones recommendeds two PAT times for primary grades. It has worked well in my class and I am a brand new teacher going into my second year. Hope this helps!!!


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