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    Accelerated Reading Idea
    By Tabatha

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    My school uses the "Accelerated Reading Program". Last year our fifth grade hall theme was "Accelerate with AR" and we had each bulletin board in the hall (a total of 6) assigned as part of a "Race Track". We decorated with "Nascar" or the sport of car racing in mind. Each student started at the start line with an Ellison Car Cut Out(decorated of course with their favorite race car number/driver/sponsor etc). Each time they progressed in reading and reached a certain level of point earned or books read, they got to "race" on to the next bulletin board with their race car! This was extremely motivating and they loved the checkered board theme through-out the hallways. I even turned my desk into mini-cars by decorating the backs of the desk with checkered board contact paper and cut out numbers to look like the door panels of race cars! Now this idea of course could apply to any type of "racing". We just happen to live about an hour from the Talledega Raceway so we have many fans here in our community both young and old. Oh yeah, the word CAR has "AR" all wrapped up inside it! Another way to connect it to Accelerated Reading is the word "acclerate" which means to move forward with speed and that's exactly what our kids did this year with reading!
    Hope this helps! -Tab

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