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    classroom jobs
    By sharon in ca

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    I also teach 4th grade and having assigned classroom jobs saves me lots of time and gives the students a feeling of responsibility and being part of the classroom community. I always have 32 to 34 students and change jobs weekly to make sure everyone gets a chance to do everything. I there is an absence, the previous monitor handles the job. I have a wall chart with the list of jobs which is laminated. That way I can easily erase the name/number each week (my students have assigned numbers) Here is a list of what I use:
    T.A. (Teacher's assistant - basically my
    errand for the week!)
    Secretary - passes out and collects papers
    Census Taker - Takes roll on the computer
    Food Service - Lunch count
    Neatniks (2)- Keeps the backpack area
    and bookshelves straightened
    Math Tutors (2) - We help out with centers
    in a 1st grade classroom
    Landscaper - Waters the plants
    Zookeeper - Feeds the animals
    Sequencer - Puts papers in numerical order
    after they are collected
    Filer - Helps a parent with putting notes
    and papers in our weekly "go home"

    I hope that this gives you some more ideas - these have worked well for me.

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