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    By Kimberly

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    What grade do you teach? I teach 2nd and do the following:

    I start my year out discussing every scenario I can think of covered by our rules. I have the kids act out situations they draw from a bucket and we talk about what they did to solve the problem. This gives them concrete examples of what I expect/do NOT expect to take away. We talk about the consequences (also posted in the room) of each rule and my rewards. The rewards are the biggest part. As a class, I have a marble jar. If everyone comes to school--10 marbles. If everyone does their homework--10 marbles. If we get a compliment from an adult--10 marbles. If they are working exceptionally well--marbles. Once they fill the jar, we get a party--extra recess, movie, or snack. Of course, if the students are off task and misbehaving, I grab a handful of marbles and drop them into the storage jar one at a time until the room is silent. We discuss the behavior and move on. The noise of the marbles stops them in their tracks!

    For individual behavior, I have a basket for the students to sign a piece of paper and put their name in for the drawing each week. I have 2 kids of my own so I have a treasure bucket of McDonald's toys. My partner went to the Goodwill store and told them she was a teacher. They gave her a HUGE bag of stuffed toys for about $3.00. I also draw for ice cream money or another special treat I decide. Whatever is handy that week. Anyway, if a student gives a good response, is on task, is behaving and setting an example, does a good deed, etc...I recognize the individual for what they are doing and tell them to sign the basket however many times I designate. I had a boy who was capable, but wanted attention and would not work. My partner teacher and I caught him listening or working and gave him 5 times to sign the basket. Within a week, he was our "best student". And he didn't even win the drawing! He just got to put his name in.

    To keep up with the discipline aspect, I have a circle wheel with a clothespin with each kid's name on it. They all start out on the green half. The rest of the wheel is 1/4 yellow, and 1/4 red. I have a blue rectangle attached to the wheel for warning. If a students misbehaves, they move to the warning card. Yellow is divided into 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and all of recess missed. Misbehave again--5 minutes. Once they get to red (which was rare for me) they get a parent contact. I go in the hall and call immediately or send a note home depending on the situation. Of course, if misbehavior continues they go to timeout in another teacher's room, and finally they can go to the office. I have never had one make it to the office in a day (besides for major violations). They also can earn their way back to green for turning their attitude around and behaving. At the end of the day if your clip has not been moved at all, you sign the basket. The wheel goes with us everywhere we go and any teacher can move your clip. Our music teacher loves having our wheels with her! Whew! I bet you just got more than you bargained for! If you have any question, e-mail me!

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