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    Thanks for letting us know
    By Cathy-Dee

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    I too wanted to know more about what had happened and after I saw the other questions decided to wait and learn more.

    I also work in a small town and I know how quickly even little things can travel through a town and be made from that molehill into a mountain.

    Do you know yet about your job in the fall. I would advise although it may be difficult to try to in some aspects forget what happened this year. If the school is not used to new teachers that might have been part of the problem. And unfortunately there are teachers who do not like changes - even I have resisted change at times - so often they see the "new" teacher as a threat to what they have been doing. Or if they are used to having new teachers perhaps some of their past experiences have not been great and so they are going overboard on "watching" how you are doing.

    I think it's great that you have tried to keep out of it with your students and I'm sure it has been hard to do. I did like the idea about decorating the window on your door to keep some of the "spying" down. If the Principal has not talked with you about what you are doing then I wouldn't worry too much. By the way his coming down to your room, he may have liked what he saw was happening and he may be defending you to the other teachers but of course no one would tell you that either.

    Now that the students and parents know, chances are someone is going to be bringing it up. Try to keep calm and collected if this happens. How you react will also make a huge difference.

    The problem in smaller communities is that there isn't much to do so the families and people living in them sometimes go overboard on the little things. Also it is hard to keep your life private or what you do because everyone knows everyone.

    You are right in not talking with this to anyone -being new you won't know who you can trust or not. Even the one who told you what was going on could have a hidden agenda. If you do need to talk to someone - go to the Principal - but keep track of everything that you say or he said.

    Do you have any prospects of jobs in other towns in the area? It may be better in the end to just move on to another school. I do wish you luck and hope things turn out for the best.

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