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    By Ann

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    I have a worksheet with each day and each subject for homework listed. Such as Monday (Math,Spelling,Reading,Science,SS,other). Every day I post on the homework board the homework of the day and go over it with the students as I write it...
    We have 10 words (5 spelling and 5 vocabulary) weekly. On Monday, they have to write a sentence with the first 5 words. On Tuesday, they have to write a sentence with the last 5 words. On Wednesday, they have to write a paragraph (fiction/non-fiction) using all ten words.. On Thursday, they have to study for our spelling test on Friday. This doesn't usually change. For math homework, I usually give them a worksheet for review purposes. For reading homework, we do a story a week. So each night I give a worksheet with questions (approx.5-8) that I've generated regarding the story.
    I ususally do not give science/ss for homework unless it is a worksheet for review or an assignment that we've not completed in class. It is my belief that homework is for review especially in the lower grades. It should not consume their life at home but give them the foundation for future use(high school/college). Also, I never grade homework nor do I rely on it for measuring a child's work. I feel that at times, the homework is done by a parent or with a parent and is not a true measurement of the child's performance (could have been done while music going or while watching tv, etc.). It should be strictly used for review and definitely not for punishment or the child resents it and will not do their best.

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