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    End of year activities
    By Dottie

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    My class does this activity as a welcome to next year's class. Take a 12x18 sheet of white construction paper and fold it into 6 boxes. Draw a picture in each box:
    Side One:
    1. Write "Welcome Back to School" in big, fancy letters.
    2. Draw a picture of your favorite school lunch.
    3. Illustrate a scene from your favorite library book. Include the title and author.
    4. Draw a picture of your teacher.
    5. Illustrate your favorite "special subject" (art, music, P.E., etc.)
    6. Draw all of the school supplies that a student in your class needs.

    Side Two:
    1. Write one important class rule. Draw a neat border around it.
    2. Write the word RESPONSIBILITY in fancy letters. Write a short poem about responsibility.
    3. Write the word RESPECT in fancy letters, each letter in a different color. Make a border of words and phrases that describe what respect means to you.
    4. Draw a picture of friends working together. Describe a time this year when friends working together had wonderful results.
    5.Draw a picture of your school building. Include the school name and write the phrase "Home of _________".
    6. Write the name of your favorite holiday. Draw a picture of one way we observed this holiday in class.

    This idea is from Mailbox Magazine. We do it every year and the kids have fun with it. Break this into a 2 day assignment doing one side each day.

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