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    grocery store idea
    By Vanessa Crawford

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    Hi CS,

    I just finsihed a unit on money before easer with my grade one class. I sent a note home to my parents asking for any boxes, containers etc. I used small tables, shelves and these storage containers that I purchased (they are cubes that you build, they are metal and can link together-pretty inexpensive) anyway, I organized all of the food into different sections, dairy products, meat, snack foods, frozen foods, etc, just as you would find it in a store. When it cam time to play "store" it was very structured. I have 20 kids in my class and each day each child had a different assignment. I had two cashiers (we used calculators) two people who recorded what the cashier did on paper in case he/she made a mistake, two baggers, two shelf stockers, two people to work in the deli and the rest were shoppers. I helped one cashier and my aid or a parent helped the other as they still need a lot of support at this age. The shoppers were each given different amounts of monbey as each were assigned different jobs. They did not receive any more money that day if they spent it all as they had to learn to budget. The prices for my items were not realistic as I wanted my children to be able to add. No item exceeded 50 cents. I used plastic money. The children loved playing store and were dissapointed when it was time to clean up. *One tip, I always placed a limit on the amount of things the childern could buy as they were buying 10 and 12 items and it would take forever for the cashier to come up with a totaland some shoppers would not get a turn to buy their items. But, again, this depends on which grade you teach. I hop this has helped. Happy shopping!!!


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