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    Poetry Coffeehouse idea
    By Lizard

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    Hello.... I am a fifth grade teacher.... I like to teach poetry with a coffeehouse format.... I introduce each different type of poetry to the students with the coffeehouse theme.... I pick poems to share ( that are in that form for the day), darken the room, put on soothing music, throw on a small lamp, serve apple juice and cheap cookies, burn a few candles, and make a sign in the door welcoming the students to the coffeehouse.... I do the reading examples for about fifteen minutes at the start of the lesson, allowing about five to seven minutes for the students to find poems to read as well in the coffeehouse each day, and then the rest of the class period we turn back on the lights and write poetry.... I think this is a more authentic atmosphere to be reading poetry in, then just a boring old classroom... I really emphasize the way I read ( with expression) etc.... At the end of the poetry unit, we have a coffeehouse celebration and everyone gets to pick a poem or two that they have written to read in the coffeehouse.... Plus if I feel like it, I like to invite different adults that the students might know, to come to our coffeehouse to read special poems that they enjoy.... it really helps foster that appreciation of poetry... and my kids are still asking to do the coffeehouse and it has been five months.... if you have any questions just e-mail me.... I would be happy to also share my poetry theater poems with you as well.... liz

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