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    By Julianne

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    After a long time in the "biz" I've decided there are three basic kinds of teachers. Some people are born to teach. Their first year, sometimes even their student teaching, looks flawless. They are energized by teaching. They instincitively know what each child needs and how to provide it. (I hate these people. )Some people, like me, can learn to be a teacher. We have a strong desire to teach and have some skills. With training, mentoring and time we become good, solid teachers. Some of us even turn in inspired performances. The last group are individuals who should never, ever become teachers. No matter what they do, they will not enjoy teaching and they will not be good at it.

    My guess is that you are in that middle group with me (and most other teachers). Like Cathy Dee said, the first year is terribly difficult for new teachers. It's completely different from most anything you've ever done and you're bound to have some weak places to shore up. It sounds like your team is satisfied with the bulk of what you are doing. Discipline problems are tough and another year of having someone to coach you can be looked on as a GOOD thing! If the pay isn't an issue, I would give yourself another year. The profession is what it is...principals will give support when and if they feel like it, students will cause trouble always, people will find fault with your teaching occasionally, even when you're an old experienced teacher. You may decide you just can't live with these situations. But next year you may see light at the end of the tunnel. I'm sure by now you've figured out that there's nothing like the feeling you get when things are going well.

    Let us know what you decide to do!

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