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    What to do
    By Cathy-Dee

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    Personally I hope you decide to stick with it for at least another year. I'm not sure exactly how internship works where you are. I know they tried it in one division in my province where the interns were paid but at a lower rate. I don't know if this makes a difference in your state or not. Sometimes when funding is tight they may also prefer to keep teachers in a second intern year as it does save the division money. This might not be the case for you.

    The first year to three years is often the hardest especially with classroom management and discipline. When I think how my kids called the shots in my first years, I shudder!!!! But I learned so much those first years as well. It's obvious from your comments that you had a difficult class and did well considering. Sometimes that extra year with the support is a blessing in disguise as you have a chance to start fresh with a new group of students and correct some of the areas that you want.

    By the middle of your second year you'll most likely be thinking, wow things are so much easier this year. This time of year is not the best time to be making "big" decisions. Even us experienced teachers needed our Spring Break to get us energized for the last part of the year. And we are tired and not as creative quite often in the last few months with all the testing, assessments, year-end activities, report cards, etc., that need to be done. So keep with it, try it for another year and then you'll be more comfortable that whatever decision you make is the right one for you and is not based on just one year of experience that may cloud your judgement.

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