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    farm animals
    By Farrah

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    You could do a Language Experience Activity. Do something with the children such as take a trip to a farm, hatch a chick, do some sort of art activity, then write about it. You could brainstorm ideas with the class, write vocabulary (that they come up with) on the board, then write a class book. You could make it into the shape of a pig or something and let the children illustrate it.
    Maybe read the book The Very Busy Spider, by Eric Carle and let the children make an Eric Carle book of their own. Act out Rosie the Hen.
    You could use the Ellison Press to cut out farm animals, then cut them in half and program them with math problems. I have also put words on them, and capital letters and lower case letters and cut them in half. My kids love these games and they're so easy to make!
    You could take an egg carton, talk about hens and eggs, then cut paper eggs out of construction paper. Glue them in a pattern in the top row of the egg carton and let the kids finish the pattern in the bottom row. Use plastic easter eggs. You can also use plastic easter eggs to make number/letter/or words puzzles.
    If I can think of some other ideas I'll post them. Hope these help.

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