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    Think about your career.
    By sue d.

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    PUBLIC school needs YOU! Regardless of how upset this jerk has made you, ask yourself if you like teaching. Do you like the kids? Are they learning a lot? If you honestly feel that you are in the right career, then TRY to make it through the year and then apply somewhere else. There is a teacher shortage and the occupation needs people who will care. Your principal sounds cruel. He should be reminding you about paper deadlines. If this is a problem, then he should offer help and suggestions, not rip you to shreds. A male first-year teacher at my old school left last year. He had come to teaching to "make a difference" leavinga high-paying business job. When he began having troubles, we tried to help. Our principal was not supportive. It was true that he probably was not prepared and needed to work on his management skills, but he could have made it! He quit in December, making up some excuse about needing to be with his family more... He wrote me: "I'm making double my old salary and I realized that teaching elementary wasn't the place for me." Once you quit, it's hard to get a job because of references. Think carefully before you decide. Good luck!

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