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    By Debbie

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    Another good chocolate book is The Chocolate Touch. (I try to read The Midas Touch to them first so we can compare them.)

    After reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory we watch the movie and compare. During the movie I pass out chocolate bars. Inside 5 bars are golden tickets (pieces of gold foil wrapping paper that I write on and carefully wrap around the chocolate before rewrapping the candy) that entitle the bearer to a classroom coupon homework-free night, free drink pass, 20 minutes of computer time during a seatwork time (with teacher's approval), 15 minutes of free time during seatwork time, one lunch with the teacher, etc. I have learned to mark the bars with the golden tickets. I prepare them in advance and have had students absent on the day of the activity, so I don't pass out all the candy bars. Once I ended up not passing out one of the golden ticket bars. Since then I color in one 0 on the bar code on the lucky bars. It's discrete enough that the kids don't pick up on it, but I can tell if necessary.

    Once I start reading chocolate books to my third graders, the word chocolate goes on their spelling list. After that they are never again allowed to misspell such an important word! (At least not without some teasing from me about doing such an awful thing to my favorite food.)

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