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    Multicultural Program & Feast
    By Linda/2/NJ

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    We also spoke in front of the school about Italy & had a big feast that day. Below is the script we used for the program. I can email you a letter about the feast & a mini-research project the kids did if you're interested.

    1. Italy is a country in Southern Europe which is mostly surrounded by water.

    2. Italy also has two major islands, Sicily and Sardinia.

    3. The Alps mountains are in the north, and there are also many forests, rocky cliffs, sandy beaches, and grassy plains in Italy.

    4. The capital is Rome. In the city, you can see the Colosseum, which was an arena built in 80 A.D.

    5. Long ago, up to 50,000 people used to watch men fight with other men or animals in the Colosseum.

    6. Vatican City is a tiny country outside of Rome which is run by the Pope. About 755 people live there.

    7. Within the palace is the Sistine Chapel, with its great ceiling painted by Michelangelo.

    8. Another famous place in Italy is the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which took almost 200 years to build, starting in 1173.

    9. It is tilted because the tower sank in soft soil during the construction.

    10. Italy is also known for its two major volcanoes, Mt. Etna and Mt. Vesusvius.

    11. Mt. Vesuvius erupted in Pompeii long ago, burying people and dogs alive.

    12. One city many tourists visit is Venice. It is a city of canals, so most people travel through the city on boats called gondolas.

    13. Milan is known as the fashion capital of Italy, and designers like Valentino and Giorgio Armani show their work there.

    14. Opera came from Italy. La Scala, the most famous opera house in the world, is in Milan.

    15. Florence is the home of many of Italy’s most famous works of art.

    16. One famous artist from Italy is Leonardo da Vinci, who painted the Mona Lisa.

    17. Big cities in Italy have tall buildings and busy streets. Most Italians living there or in towns live in apartments.

    18. In the country, farmers produce olives, wheat, citrus fruits, grapes, cattle, and sheep.

    19. There are also many fish caught in seaports on Italy’s coasts.

    20. Pasta is a favorite meal for many people in Italy.

    21. It can come in many shapes and is mixed with everything from meats to cheeses to tomato sauces.

    22. In Italy, soccer the most popular sport. People there also enjoy Grand Prix racing, skiing, and cycling.

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