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    Been There, Done That
    By Ashley

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    You know how they say the school secretary is the one person whose bad side you should never be on? Well, you and I both seem to have inadvertently violated that one. I also had a situation where the secretary nagged me. I was upset with my class and may have taken it out on her, and later I apologized. As with your secretary, she didn't seem to forgive me. There is this other clerk person at my school who is also one you shouldn't piss off, and SHE'S mad at me because I violated some copy machine rules I dind't know about.

    I also have had a similar situation with the test scores. I have the LOW class of fifth graders for part of the time (we team teach). Most of them failed a test that the whole fifth grade took. The principal told me this was my fault, even though the students in my other class got A's and B's. On the next test I decided I had better spend a lot of time preparing. I planned to give them the questions in advance, then spend a week going over them and teaching the students how to study. Well, due to an assembly, we got a later start than I would have liked on studying, so it was Wednesay and I was just getting around to giving them the questions for the Friday test. No big deal, because I planned to devote a lot of time to it. However, many of the kids just wouldn't keep quiet and pay attention even for my announcement of when the test was and what format it was. The next day, I decided that I would just give them all a copy of the test to study that night. Well, things went okay. At least we had a nice range of grades. But certain kids failed because they refused to do the practice test or didn't pay enough attention to even find out we were having a test. I'm sorry, but I'm just going to have to leave these kids behind.

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