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    By New 5th Grade Teacher

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    G.M, Cathy-Dee, and all other responders:

    Thanks for your ideas and support. I feel better this morning than I did last night when I posted my vent. Amazing what a decent night's sleep can achieve!!

    I checked out that link in your message, Cathy-Dee, and it has a lot of great information. I am trying to step back and breathe as often as possible. I am also trying very hard not to dwell on the negative things about this class. My goal for today is to focus solely on the positive behavior and totally ignore (just for today) any negatives. With a little bit of luck, I can begin to regain some perspective because I do know that none of these kids is "all bad, all the time" .

    I do like the idea of focusing on only five priority behaviors for the next month. I'll work on that list today and try to get a handle on what my top expectations are, then I will implement a plan to get what I want and need to have happen in my classroom.

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