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    By Chris

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    Since you have some advantages, I want to point out there are some disadvantages.

    With younger students (1-3), you really need to have a para professional during instruction time because all the students are working on different objectives (expanded notation, subtraction, multiplication, etc.) at the same time.

    You will also need to develop and strictly manage system to handle what happens when eight students need help on eight different objectives at the same time.

    Students do love the bubbling in of scan cards -- However, at the primary grades they are often not developmentally ready to transfer the problem on the workskeet to the correct number on the card (or even the correct card because there are three types.)

    The AM program, like AR does not "teach" -- the students have to plunk away at it. If your philosohpy is the students learn by doing, you may like it.

    However: It basically prints out very bland and uninspired worksheets. I personally would not recommend it for younger students who need concrete experiences. I would also hate to see the expectations of a fifth grade students imposed upon a first grade students.

    I see this program as basically a skills builder for schools seeking to increase test scores. It should do that because it trains students in bubbling in score cards.

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