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    it will come!
    By Rebecca

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    First, you have posted this on the First Year Vent so I am assuming you are a new teacher.

    Reality is: the first year you are merely trying to survive. You probably stick right to the textbooks and don't venture much out on your own. You have so many new rules and systems to learn that y ou haven't kept them straight! Am I right??

    It is O.K. This will come in time. This is my fourth year teaching and I am starting just now to feel really comfortable with Everything. It comes a little each year. It will take you until about this point to get there!

    I was like you and wanted to do everything right that first year. It "Ain't" gonna happen (excuse my improper grammer here--just needed it for effect!) I would get upset if I did forget something and really beat myself up about it. I am working on my Master's now and we just talked about this very thing (the stages of teaching) If I had known that back then, I would have felt a little better.

    Just hang in there. It will get better as you get more experience! You have come this far so I have faith that you will do just FINE!! Stop beating yourself up. Relax & enjoy your first years. It all comes out in the wash!

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